Foot Scrubs

This post deviates a bit from what you normally see in the form of recipes, but I want to share with you other items that can optimize your health (the skin is one of our biggest organs and absorbs what you put on it into the body)…AND make fabulous Christmas gifts. This idea comes from one of my favorite blogs, Wellness Mama.  I took her recipe and picked out some bottles and went to work making some Christmas gifts.

The wonderful thing about this recipe is the simplicity and the fact that Epsom salt has magnesium which many of us do not get enough of in our diets. Magnesium is also a wonderful detoxifying agent.  The scrubs can be used on hands, feet and the body. The best part of making your own Christmas gifts…you know exactly what ingredients are included and can be sure there are no nasty chemicals that many of our beauty products contain.

Here are the ingredients you will need and then I encourage you to visit the Wellness Mama page above for her recipe on amounts and ideas on different combinations – we made Vanilla Lavender and Cinnamon Peppermint.  Love them!

Epsom salt
Almond oil or olive oil (we used almond oil)
Liquid castille soap (we used the unscented Dr. Bronner’s baby soap, found at Natural Grocers)
Lavender oil, vanilla, peppermint oil, cinnamon – depending on the scent you choose

Foot Scrub everything Vanilla Lavender Cinnamon Peppermint back



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