These are my favorite recipes. They are all recipes that are gluten free, refined sugar free and milk free (or I used unsweetened almond milk in place of milk). Some are ones I have created in my kitchen and some are created by others, but you can be sure that if I have posted them here I have made them in my own kitchen and gotten yummy results.


Baked Oatmeal – one of our favorite warm breakfast foods

Pancakes – this recipe is requested over and over at our home even by those not allergic to gluten!

Sara’s Amazing Muffins – these are good anytime of the day

Breakfast burritos – see the bottom of the gluten-free tortilla recipe for what we add to our tortillas to make our breakfast burritos….mmmm, makes mornings so good!


Spinach Artichoke Dip – dairy, gluten and sugar free but creamy and healthy…so very, very good!

Gluten-free tortillas – gluten, dairy and sugar free…these will change your gluten-free life!

Main Meals

Gluten Free, Sugar Free Pizza – gotta love pizza!

Vegetable Pasta Medley – one of our favorite kitchen creations

Spicy Stuffed Chicken – one of our favorite found recipes that we LOVE!

Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatore Pot Pie – an absolute crowd pleaser in our home

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili – a very easy meal that cooks all day in the crock pot. Great to take for a ski day lunch.

White Chicken Chili – a warming meal on those “chilly” days, just make sure you create your own chicken stock due to the high sugar content of those purchased at the grocery store.

Chicken Cordon Bleu – a family recipe and an easy meal to make double and freeze the rest.

No Grain Skillet Spaghetti – this spaghetti skillet is made with cabbage instead of noodles and is impressive!

Healthy Mac and Cheese – a very healthy mac and cheese that uses no cheese!

Taco Crusted Chicken – a gluten free breading for chicken that is sure to spice up your life!

Stuffed Peppers – simple recipe that is sure to wow guest – good with green, yellow, red or orange peppers.

Quinoa Mac and Cheese – another healthy option for mac and cheese

Fresh Perspective – a great choice for any time – add different vegetables as they are “in season”.


Heavenly Healthy Brownies – oh goodness me, LOVE these

Thin Mint or Peppermint Patty Cookies – anyone love to put Thin Mints in the freezer?

Coconut Almond Candy bars – Anyone love Almond Joys or Mounds?

Very Berry Cobbler – with whole cream whipped up on top…mmmm

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies – no flour, no dairy, no refined sugar

Chocomole pudding – chocolate pudding made with avocados…really good!

Beauty Products

Foot, hand and body scrub – you know exactly what you are putting on your body

Non toxic nail polish – I have found two brands I like – Keeki and Scotch Natural


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